Our Services

We provide the right collaboration to help you thrive in a complex, evolving and globally connected marketplace. We work on a global scale to ensure our customers’ diverse needs are met regardless of location, international regulatory variations or whatever the specific dosage from development or manufacturing challenge. Our status as a Halal Company certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) showcase our sensitivity to the needs of the global Muslim community and allows our products to enter many more market worldwide. Nashmir Capsule comes with capsule printing services that came in different, unique and customized variations, such as those listed below.

For Your Business For Your Business
  • Various facilities & applications to print capsules as per client requirements
  • Rectified circular or spin printing
  • Rectified linear or axial printing
  • Single or double color printing with or without orientation

  • Strong base in the Asian region for ease of distribution.
  • Reliable two-stage locking feature.
  • Preferred by patients over tablets and helps improve patient compliance.
  • Enables the combination of multiple drugs in one dose.
  • Minimal processing steps lead to shorter delivery lead time. Clients in Asia re able to receive their orders within 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Low minimum order quantity. We also support production of samples or test lots for new designs based on your specific requirements.
  • Accurate & high quality printing with the use of precise printing technology.
  • Stringent quality control with high Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL).
  • Halal certification to ensure your business can expand throughout Muslim countries with guaranteed consumer satisfaction.
  • Builds recognizable brands with distinctive color and printing.
  • Helps improve the stability of sensitive drug compunds.
  • Better suited for cytotoxic and high-potency drugs as compared to tablets.
  • Capsules cannot be split, enhancing patient compliance and preventing possible revenue loss.
  • Address the issue of poor water-soluble compounds.